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The instructor is with you on your computer live throughout the Class

Complete your 20 hours in 2 days!!

101 Mortgage Training Takes Care Of Getting You Up And Running Fast. 


Over the next ten years, modest estimates are that our industry will need to replace a minimum of 200,000 loan officers.

In order to accomplish this amazing task, we will collectively need to identify many, many millions of “ideal” candidates and get them prepped for online mortgage training courses.


 101 Mortgage Training has been offering these courses since 2010 nationwide. Students have been able to take live Instructor classes from John Dillon. Not only the CEO of 101 Mortgage Training but a Mortgage Loan officer himself. He has proven time and time again in order to get the ideal Loan Officer trained. It requires a complete understanding of the subject. Not just memorization of questions and then take a test.


“If you try to take this test by only studying the questions and answers,

you will most certainly fail,” says Mr. Dillon.  


101 Mortgage Training teaches the who, why, and what’s of the Mortgage Industry. To truly be a great loan officer you have to understand these complex situations. Every client is different and unique with a whole set of new wants and needs. 101 Mortgage Training also teaches ethics a very important piece of building new loan officers conscience.


We all need to remember that little voice in our head so we can do the right thing. John Dillon understands that the industry needs to hire new good standing ethical licensed loan officers. The industry will need a minimum of 800,000 new Loan originators. Why so many new hires? Various past reports have shown around 10 percent to 25 percent of all new mortgage Loan Officers who entered the industry over the last two decades are all that remained.


If our industry’s retention practices don’t improve over the next 10 years, we may well need to hire more than 800,000 new loan officers in order to keep 200,000 replacement loan officers.


If you're looking for a career as a loan mortgage officer. Then there is no other better place like 101 Mortgage Training. We have been approved through MNLS since 2010.


We have more 1st time passing students than most schools! We have a proven track record to help you pass on your first try.


101 Mortgage Training is all you need to become a Loan Officer on the first try! Start today! Have your license within a week and start to make some real money!



Specially designed courses for beginners and professionals. No matter if it's a whole office or 1 person. 101 Mortgage Training has the tools to prepare you to pass your exam. We have been fortunate to have  99% pass on the first try. All of these students had incorporated the live study class.


 We are not saying that if you combine the two you will pass on the first try.


We are saying that when you combine both the live 20hr and live study class it gives you a better chance.


You must study like any other test, it's only a hard test if you're not prepared and studied.






if you're looking for a mortgage career, banking career, career in lending in the mortgage field, or a career loan mortgage officer, or just a loan officer we are here.

Instructor is in class with you the whole time.

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